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Elite Moving Labor is a nationwide facilitator of moving help services, such as packing, loading, and unloading, for customers with a rental truck, POD, or freight truck. Our company has been in business for 10+ years, is BBB Accredited and AMLPA Certified. We service approximately 25,000 moves each year.

Our Supplier Program oversees and manages our relationships with independent moving companies, like yours, to ensure that every move is serviced professionally and meets our expectations of quality. Our program has been designed to create a reliable and transparent experience for the customer. We create this reliable experience by establishing uniform policies, procedures and pricing that govern our relationships with you, the independent moving company, and the customer.

How Much Do You Pay?

Take a look at our most up-to-date rate structure. Remember, the rates shown do not include any applicable travel fees (based on your settings). A complete view of our policies, procedures and regulations can also be viewed by visiting our Supplier Terms and Conditions.

How Much Does it Cost?

Our Supplier Program is completely free. We don't take any percentages or booking fees. You will collect payment directly from the customer in conjunction with our pricing model (see Terms and Conditions for our pricing).

Who Can Apply?

Any moving company, including full service, specialty, vanlines and moving labor only. We do not accept applications from individuals or "helpers".

What Services Do Suppliers Provide?

Moving companies that are approved by our Supplier Program (referred to as "Suppliers"), will provide a range of moving labor only services. These services include the loading and unloading of rental trucks, POD containers, freight trailers, international containers and similar. Other common services include packing boxes and furniture movement within the existing home. Take a moment to read a more thorough overview of the moving labor services we expect you to provide.

NOTE: We do not quote or schedule any moves that require transportation, such as full service moves, delivery or junk removal.

What Are The Benefits?

Elite Moving Labor handles all aspects of the moving process except the move itself. From marketing, customer acquisition, quoting, scheduling, Customer Support, follow up's and more. We handle all of these time consuming aspects so that you can do what you do best, move people.

Other benefits include: Accept only the moves you can handle, collect payment directly from the customer and the ability to keep your movers busy with additional work.

Minimum Legal Requirements

Before submitting your application take a moment to review our minimum application requirements. Be aware that we consider a variety of information in addition to the minimum requirements outlined below. We recommend reviewing our new applicant overview, which thoroughly reviews all of our requirements and the application process.

  1. The applicant company must be operating for a minimum of one year
  2. A minimum of $500,000 in General liability coverage is required
  3. Active legal status with the state in which the business is based, this is commonly referred to as an "entity". Many states require you to register your business at the state level, in those cases your entity would be one of the following: Doing Business As (DBA) or Fictitious Name, Partnership, Limited Liability Company (LLC), Corporation or S-Corporation (Inc). Some states will allow you to register your business at the county or city level, in those cases your entity would most likely be a Doing Business As (DBA) or Fictitious Name


If you need additional information, or have questions about our Supplier Program, please contact our Supplier Management team at (888) 354-8303 Ext 400.

Begin the Application

We appreciate your interest in Elite Moving Labor and we look forward to working with you. Complete this application in its entirety to begin the review process. When done, follow the instructions provided for submitting the required documentation. Once all of the required documents are submitted we will begin the application review process. If approved, you will have the option to add other service locations as well as alternate addresses and contact information. For the purpose of this application, you should use the primary contact information for the business and the owner/manager.

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Before submitting your application, verify that the information is correct and make sure that you have read and agree to our Supplier Terms and Conditions.

If you have any questions or need assistance completing this application, please contact our Supplier Management team by calling (888) 354-8303 Ext 400 or by sending an email to